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Do you want your child to have the academic and athletic edge they need to rise to the top?

The secret to unlocking your full potential lies within understanding your cognitive abilities.

Understanding cognitive strengths is essential for students and athletes for several reasons.


Improved Academic Performance

Knowing their cognitive strengths can help student-athletes study more effectively. For example, if students excel in visual-spatial skills, they will learn best with diagrams and spatial representations.

Talented African American gymnast runs towards the vault, with her arms raised as she is about to dive foward to hit the spring board. Her teammates look on in the background and her coach stands close by to spot.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Cognitive strengths such as quick decision-making, focus, and reaction time are crucial in sports. By understanding and enhancing these strengths, a student-athlete can improve their performance on the field.


Personalized Training

Knowing one's cognitive strengths allows for tailored training in sports. For instance, an athlete with excellent strategic thinking can play positions requiring quick, complex decisions.


Increased Independence While Doing Homework

Strong cognitive skills like focus and mindfulness can help all students better understand themselves and make their work something they enjoy now that they know how to do well at it.


Balanced Development

The demand for excelling in studies and sports can be overwhelming for students and athletes. Knowing their cognitive strengths can help manage these demands by fostering an effective learning and training strategy.


Career Planning

Understanding cognitive strengths can guide students and athletes in choosing a career path, whether in professional sports, coaching, psychology, technology, or arts. Students knowing their strengths will bring them confidence while trying to make the right choices for their education.

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Years Experienced

Dr. Karen’s Story:

Dr. Karen spent the first several years of her career working in healthcare helping people who had issues with thinking skills figure out what was causing those issues and how to get around the issues they were having.  Her favorite part was helping people understand their thinking strengths and how to leverage those for success.  She started thinking what a shame it was that this information was only being given to people who had problems with thinking.  She started Brain Power Advisors and developed the Super Six® report as a way for people with healthy brains to learn about how they think and use that information to improve their lives. In her work with business leaders, Dr. Karen’s company was the top recommendation by Trends magazine for people looking for a real life Wendy Rhodes, who is a character from the show Billions. Dr. Karen has made it her mission to get this valuable information into the hands of as many people as possible. She recently founded Brain Power Youth so that young people can learn how to use their thinking strengths to their advantage at an early age and benefit from that knowledge in school, sports, college, future career, and beyond.

As a neuropsychologist, I have seen the power of understanding the unique ways we think. I have also made it my mission to get that information into the hands of as many people as possible.

Sports and academics are great ways to train your children to succeed. Investing in how they understand themselves ensures their confidence for the future.

Why Brain Power Youth?

Are your child's study habits not giving them the edge you hoped for?

With Cognitive Mastery, you can:


Choose your Package

We use a brief (15-30 minute) state-of-the-art online assessment to help athletes gain valuable insights into their cognitive strengths. Upon completion, athletes receive a comprehensive report highlighting their natural thinking tendencies and tailored recommendations based on those tendencies.  These insights will give you a competitive edge, enabling you to optimize your training regimen, make more intelligent decisions on the field, and excel academically and athletically.



$ 149
  • Our interactive platform guides athletes through five engaging activities tailored to uncover their natural tendencies in five crucial areas of thinking.
  • Focus: Learn how you best pay attention to information.
  • Impulse Control: Find out how your brain filters information.
  • Spatial Awareness: Discover how you make sense of the physical world around you.
  • Planning: Figure out how your brain thinks through and approaches goals.
  • Working Memory: Uncover the way your brain stores and uses information in the short-term.
  • Your report will include study tips and athletic performance suggestions specifically tailored to your unique thinking skill tendencies.



$ 199
  • Learn whether you are a visual processor, a verbal processor, or a balanced processor will help you in communication with coaches and teachers.
  • Everything included in Lite PLUS:
  • Visual Processor:
  • Verbal Processor:
  • Balanced Processor:
  • Your expanded report will provide you with specialized recommendations to use to improve study habits, athletic performance, and communication.



$ 5-15
  • Connect with other high performing students who have also invested in their academic and athletic future through our interactive platform.
  • Get ideas about how to apply the results
  • Build a community of similarly driven peers
  • Share valuable insights
  • Receive weekly emails to help you better apply your results and key takeaways and also receive tips on building confidence and balancing life as a student athlete.
Our Benefits
Students working with BP Youth will gain knowledge in their unique brain preferences in the following areas: