Brain Power Youth

What is Brain Power Youth?

We Help All Kids Understand Their Brains!

Learning About Your Brain is Fun and Important!

Hello! We’re Brain Power Youth, LLC. We think every kid should know how their brain works. It’s like being a detective, figuring out how you think and learn best.

Brain Detective Kit!

We have a cool thing called the “Super Six Complete” assessment. It’s like a special kit to help you be a brain detective. You can use your assessment report to find clues to help you figure out the best ways to study, communicate, and learn sports.

When You Buy, You Help Another Kid!

Some kids can’t pay to learn about their brain, and we want to help them too! For every two Super Six Complete assessments that are bought, we give one for free to a kid who needs it. This way, more kids can learn about their brains without worrying about money. When you get the “Super Six Complete” for yourself, you’re also helping another kid. It’s like buying two gifts – one for you and one for a friend you haven’t met yet. This helps more kids become brain detectives and learn cool things about themselves.

Our Friends Help Too!

We have special friends called Trusted Partners. They help us find kids who really need the free test but can’t buy it. We work together to make sure all kids, no matter what, can learn about their brains.

Come Join Us!

We want you to be part of our big brain detective team! By getting our “Super Six Complete,” you’re not just learning about your brain, you’re also helping another kid. It’s all about sharing and caring!